Our Story


Moits Motorcars is operated by an innovative and professional team, all with in-depth knowledge of the aftermarket automotive industry.  With a combined 100 years of experience, we are well suited to cover all aspects of vehicle modification, safety and performance.


With advances in technology and power gains moving forward at an unstoppable pace, the modified production car is all too often left with inadequate chassis structures manufactured some 50 years ago.

Ensuring we are working with the national code for modified cars within in Australia, Moits Motorcars have enlisted The Roadster Shop to design and manufacture an auxiliary chassis that can be used with our classic “monocoque” and “half chassis” vehicles.


The chassis development division of Moits Motorcars allows a unique efficiency to your vehicle build. The implementation of The Roadster Shop chassis ensures the suspension, brakes and steering upgrades are already in place and at a high standard. This allows us a streamlined approach in-house, offering a time and cost effective build.


Our mission is to continue growth within the automotive aftermarket industry, ensuring our historic manufactured vehicles stay relevant by utilising the advances of today’s technology.

Striving to improve the road safety of these unique vehicles without compromising authenticity is of utmost importance to the team at Moits Motorcars.


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